Over the years I've been lucky enough for my work to align with my values.

Alongside my entrepreneurship I am primarily a designer and full-stack developer. Many people know me from the world of technology education, but my professional interests lie in crypto/socioeconomics, infosec/AI, and campaign/election technology.

I also enjoy a number of projects away from the screen.


Moving towards joy

  • Screenshot of Hexagons website


    Hexagons is an assessment tool designed for learners with SEND and the professionals who support them. I worked closely with the team at TASMAT to develop the app via a user-centred design process with test-driven development, producing an accessible, secure, multi-platform web app.

  • Screenshot of Entre-purrrr-neurship website


    You protect your computer from threats you can't see. Now's the time to protect it from those you can CUDDLE. Cutting-edge AI that definitely won't replace you.

  • Screenshot of Automating myself website

    Automating myself

    All web projects share the same foundations. JAMstack Starter condenses my sixteen years of experience building accessible and privacy-friendly websites and apps into an open-source starter template to robustly jumpstart new projects.


Developing new interests

  • Screenshot of Can I Vote? website

    Can I Vote?

    Collaborating with Small Axe designer Rosalba Ellis, Can I Vote highlighted to Commonwealth citizens that they were eligible to vote in the 2019 General Election and the 2021 local elections.

  • Screenshot of Co-founder: Blox website

    Co-founder: Blox

    Blox was a social network for buildings enabling communities to thrive and alternative socioeconomic systems to flourish. We were incubated by the Finance Innovation Lab's Financial Health Fellowship.

  • Screenshot of The Other website

    The Other

    With long-time collaborator Clarisse O'Dell we designed and built a set of 'robot lights' for Rebecca Evans' contemporary dance The Other.


Full-time technology education

  • Screenshot of Co-founder @ Decoded website

    Co-founder @ Decoded

    I was CTO and Head of Innovation at Decoded, a global technology education company that has taught hundreds of thousands of people key digital skills.


Learning the ropes

  • Screenshot of Creative Director @ .web{Devign} website

    Creative Director @ .web{Devign}

    .web{devign} was run as a co-op and there were three of us in the studio by the time I went full-time on Decoded in 2011. We built standards-compliant, accessible websites for charities, personalities and small businesses.